‘Deadpool’ Film Review

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The long anticipated premiere of Deadpool has arrived. For audiences, “The Merc with a Mouth” is a fresh take on the familiar presentation of superhero films. For studios, the R-Rated movie is an experiment to determine the genres reach. Whether
or not the latter proves successful is up to the box office – but without a doubt Ryan Reynolds latest project is a much welcomed change to the Marvel universe.

Promo poster for Deadpool (20th Century Fox)

If there is one thing Deadpool gets right, more than anything else, it’s the personality. 20th Century Fox was absolutely right to trust Reynolds with the character. The anti-hero’s humour is crude, clever and relevant. The comedy is the movie’s shining light, and the supporting characters are all different enough to give Reynold’s great material to run with.
The writers stay true to Deadpool’s defining traits – particularly his breaking of the fourth wall. The pop culture references are hilarious and there are enough nods to the genre to keep the most cynical nerd snickering. Also, the movie features what I would consider the greatest Stan Lee cameo of all time.
Now, while the writing was absolutely gut-wrenching, Deadpool did face challenges. In an attempt to familiarize the casual audience, the film travels back and forth between two timelines: modern day and origin story. The technique is important in describing the character’s motivation, but it also prevents the tale from really fleshing out.
The action scenes also leave you wishing for something more. Some fights seem uninspired, while others clearly need a bigger budget to execute. These are all easy fixes, however, and indicate a bright future for the series.
Deadpool is a loud, filthy and obnoxious shot of adrenaline into a genre of baby-faced titans. The comedic writing is exceptional, something comic-buffs and first time viewers can really sink their teeth into. While the depth and visual impact need a little improvement, better funding will likely solve these problems.
Ryan Reynolds has helped craft something significant to the superhero genre that moviegoers would be remiss not to see. Deadpool’s first outing shows outstanding potential.
Rating: 4/5*

*The Shak Rating System:
5 - Film of the Century
4.5 - Acadamy Award-Worthy
4 - (One of) The Year’s Top Movies
3.5 - Worth Price of Admission
3 - See it on a Tuesday
2.5 – Let Someone Else Buy Your Ticket
2 - Maybe After a Few Drinks
1.5- Are You Sure You Have Nothing Better to Do Tonight?
1 - The Movie Equivalent of a Zombie Bite