‘Fantastic Four’ Film Review

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We as viewers are in the golden age of super hero cinema. Marvel studios is expanding their blockbuster universe with big story lines, character crossovers and TV series. DC has also begun to churn out content, with fans bubbling in anticipation for Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. Amidst a treasure trove of super powered freaks, Fantastic Four is little more than fools good.

A poster featuring the main characters from Fantastic Four (20th Century Fox)

The new reboot of the super hero squad is trapped in the negative zone, with countless other non-marvel produced movies. The film introduces a new origin story for the Fantastic Four, but it lacks the thing that makes the characters so beloved: family.
The siblings are estranged, Reed and Sue are never close enough and even Doctor Doom has been stripped of all personality. The only relationship to really be expanded on is between Richard and Ben (The Thing).
The movie’s creators cast significantly younger actors to play the main characters, but no one stood out. One thing that’s made this genre so popular is the combination of A-List celebrities and an extremely talented cast — two things Fantastic Four lacks.

Doctor Doom, played by Toby Kebbell, as seen in Fantastic Four (20th Century Fox)

The only things the movie does well are the visuals. Johnny Storm and The Thing are both aesthetically pleasing. The foreign world that the team and Doom travel to, called Planet Zero, is also a sight to see. But that’s where the praise ends.
The single biggest issue with this movie was that nothing happens. They spend the entire movie building a teleportation device, figuring out their powers and top it off with a ten minute fight against a bland and alien Doctor Doom.
I know that not every superhero movie can be great. Spider-Man has had countless roadblocks, as did X-Men before they found renewed direction. But Fantastic Four is far from what the title would suggest. They’ve stripped the characters of their personality and did a whole lot of nothing.
Rating: 1.5/5*

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