Shakiel Mahjouri

‘Deadpool’ Film Review

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The long anticipated premiere of Deadpool has arrived. For audiences, “The Merc with a Mouth” is a fresh take on the familiar presentation of superhero films. For studios, the R-Rated movie is an experiment to determine the genres reach. Whether or not the latter proves successful is up to the box office – but without a doubt Ryan Reynolds latest project is a much welcomed change to the Marvel universe. If there is one thing Deadpool gets right, more than anything else, it’s the personality. 20th Century Fox was absolutely right…read more

‘Fantastic Four’ Film Review

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We as viewers are in the golden age of super hero cinema. Marvel studios is expanding their blockbuster universe with big story lines, character crossovers and TV series. DC has also begun to churn out content, with fans bubbling in anticipation for Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. Amidst a treasure trove of super powered freaks, Fantastic Four is little more than fools good. The new reboot of the super hero squad is trapped in the negative zone, with countless other non-marvel produced movies. The film introduces a new origin…read more